Mobile iOS Developer

Makaio GmbH


Bad Homburg, Germany

Annual salary:

Salary not disclosed

Post age:

1113 days

Job description:

Ever experienced a major network outage at an event, rendering you unable to access important information? Ever wanted to share data between heterogeneous devices without internet access? Despite the ever increasing availability of wireless and cellular networks, the potential of short range peer to peer (P2P) connectivity has been greatly neglected.

We are a small team of creative developers and designers with ideas to tackle the aforementioned problems and reconnect people with each other. We believe in continuously improving our skills, work/life balance, and high quality code.

For our office in Bad Homburg, Germany, we are looking for likeminded developers with experience in either Swift or Objective-C and a keen interest in wireless P2P data transmission. If you love Apple devices, enjoy pushing technologies to the limit, and like to challenge yourself, then we have a new challenge for you.

Our offer
  • Time for self development and hobby projects
  • Extended vocational training, e.g., WWDC attendance
  • Company car / company (E-)bike (negotiable)
  • 28 days paid holidays
Your responsibilities
  • Design APIs and build our iOS/tvOS/OSX SDKs
  • Leverage our SDKs to build apps for our customers such as Lufthansa, Kia, Hyundai, and Volkswagen
  • Explore various wireless transmission technologies and evaluate their suitability for P2P connectivity

It would be great if you have heard about or already used some of the following tools, techniques, and technologies:

  • Bluetooth Low Energy, iBeacons, and Bonjour
  • Symmetric and/or asymmetric cryptography systems
  • Software design patterns
  • Clean Architecture, VIPER, MVVM
  • Kanban, Scrum
  • Behaviour Driven Development (BDD)
  • Branching strategies such as Git Flow
  • C and C++

Don’t worry if some of them sound unfamiliar: We will get you up to speed!

Application instructions:

Interested? Then get in touch via email (apply link). If you have some work samples and/or references (Github, Bitbucket, App Store, etc.), please feel free to attach them to your application.