Senior Mobile Developer



Dublin, Ireland

Annual salary:

Salary not disclosed

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1156 days

Job description:

HubSpot users rely on mobile because it's key to the way modern businesses run. Now that we do most of our work online, marketers and salespeople can do their jobs from anywhere. That means they need the power of HubSpot to engage with contacts, prospects, and customers when they're not at their desks. Cue the HubSpot mobile team.

We're a small team with big goals. We want to empower our users to grow their businesses from their phones, create an intuitive mobile experience, and help teams collaborate through the HubSpot mobile app. So far, we've made an impact by identifying which use cases are most valuable for users on-the-go (for example, the social media tool for publishing and monitoring real-time social content) and building features that compliment the desktop experience.

We work closely with our product manager and designers to set the vision for what we build. Next, we're building new additions to the mobile experience that will make collaboration and communication between teams, prospects, and customers easier.

We're proud of our mobile tech stack and are keen to contribute to the community through open source projects and the HubSpot Product Blog.

None of these are requirements, anybody with strong CS fundamentals, a passion for mobile, and a desire to learn (and better yet, teach us!) would be a great fit.

  • Experience in developing fully featured native mobile applications
  • Platform knowledge of iOS or Android
  • A portfolio or examples of apps you have published to the app store
  • Swift or functional programming is a plus (we’re now building our iOS apps in Swift)
  • General engineering experience in backend and/or frontend web application development nice to have.

Application instructions:

Follow instructions on application page.