Senior Mobile Developer


Annual salary:

Salary not disclosed

Post age:

1131 days

Job description:

We are looking for a Senior Mobile Lead to join a dynamic team for building a next generation high quality mobile applications in a fast paced environment. The incumbent must have built applications with high performance connecting to several backend Web Services exchanging data with complex systems. Experience in application performance is highly preferred.

The Senior Mobile Developer will lead development of mobile applications for connected car/fleet technology. The incumbent must have Strong experience developing native mobile applications connecting to Secured Web Services. Familiarity with security standards for API’s Layer 7, SSL, and Tokens is highly preferred. The incumbent must have a solid grasp on industry standard coding best practices and understand how and when to apply certain design patterns while they create the functionality outlined in the requirement documents. Knowledge of best practice applications along with extensive UI design and implementation experience is required. The position will be required to analyze and understand the existing Telematics System, make decisions based on the full understanding of the existing system, review, analyze and modify interfaces, including coding, testing, debugging and installing to support the organization’s Telematics System, and standards.

Key Areas of Responsibility:


  • Deliver Projects with High Quality and High Performance
  • Developing secure applications, Securing data on the Mobile Phone and with security concepts of SSL, Certificates and Secure Web services.
  • Convert functional requirements into user interface designs and prototypes, and developed application(s)
  • Design solid application Architecture, that is base line for project as it progresses from concept to full product
  • Incorporating the guidelines for excellent User Experience, to deliver elegant transitions, flows inside the mobile applications.
  • Evaluating of technologies and software products (Open Source) to determine its feasibility and how to incorporate their capabilities into the product. Create Proof of Concepts to showcase the capabilities
  • Experience with the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Team Members

  • Experience working with Onsite, Offsite,& Offshore Teams across geographies
  • Collaborate with other teams QA, Product, BA etc. and individuals to build the mobile applications
  • Strong interpersonal skills, written and verbal communication.
  • Strong problem solving, critical thinking, and testing skills
  • Experience working in an Agile or Scrum environment
  • Present technical ideas and high-level concepts and solutions to internal and external team members with varying degrees of technical knowledge
  • Providing Status Updates and managing team tasks


  • 4-7+ Experience developing iOS applications for enterprise clients
  • Developing Application in Swift , Objective C, JSON, XML
  • Experience with object-oriented design principles
  • Experience working with SQL & DB technologies, Including SQLITE, Cassandra
  • Experience using Restful APIs to integrate mobile applications to server side systems
  • Understanding of performance testing and optimization techniques
  • Emphasis on Performance, Quality, Automation, Testing, and Memory Profiling
  • Demonstrated knowledge of major frameworks (Networking, Maps, Cocoa Touch, Core Services, and Core OS)
  • Familiarity and understanding of Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines
  • Understanding of recommended design patterns and architectures
  • Knowledge of iOS 8.,9 features and differences from prior versions
  • High proficiency with development tools and workflows (modern source control systems, unit testing, continuous workflow, etc.) Jenkins, MAC Server,
  • Ability to execute Performance Based Testing, Web Services Testing. Experience writing automated test cases, testing on various devices and OS.


  • BS/MS/PHED in Computer Science, Engineering or Business related field and/or equivalent work experience

Ideal candidate for this position

  • Will be determined and committed to perform at highest quality and excellence. Will have a laser-sharp focus on goal of on-time and zero-defect delivery.
  • Will be highly energetic and will strongly believe in on-going learning in order to optimally exploit his/her potential at workplace. Will constantly work towards being the best and to succeed at current assignment/project.
  • Will be entrepreneurial and will successfully challenge existing paradigms. Will have a vision and will think expansively and outside the box to consistently generate and evaluate highly innovative ideas and solutions.
  • Will be willing to take risks, will anticipate the consequences of decisions and will generate plans to address them. Will be willing to go against the grain, will have courage to take calculated risks and will have the ability to present his/her point of view in a positive and effective manner.
  • Will take personal responsibility for ensuring customer satisfaction. Will take customer perspective and will proactively work to address the customer’s current problem and future requirements. Will anticipate and successfully fulfill customer expectations.
  • Will have the ability to effectively leverage diverse resources. Will work hard to foster positive relationships and will develop win-win solutions when conflicts arise. Will build relationship by making self highly approachable, will seek input from others and will actively listen to concerns and alternate points of view, will make others feel valued and supported.

Application instructions:

We’re proud to be an equal opportunity employer – and celebrate our employees’ differences, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or Veteran status. Different makes us better.

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