Mobile Engineer Intern

Khan Academy



Annual salary:

Salary not disclosed

Post age:

1140 days

Job description:

Khan Academy is looking for top-notch iOS and Android developers to help create mobile versions of our free virtual classroom for the world. Join us on our mission to provide a free world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

We’re fun, quirky people at heart who believe that shipping beats perfection. We have built a talented development team with engineers from a variety of backgrounds. Our team includes industry leaders from Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Pixar, Fog Creek, and tiny startups, as well as people with non-traditional backgrounds who didn’t graduate from college. Together, we’re a small but elite team, deeply invested in your future. We believe that no organization will be as invested in developing you as a professional.

We are no longer accepting applications for Summer 2016, but will gladly take resumes for Fall and Winter 2016!

Our developers tackle world-changing challenges that have never been solved before. Recent examples include:

Building innovative new ways to teach computer science ( Designing a machine learning model to optimize a student’s learning path ( Running A/B tests to increase learning and affect real lives (not just increase page views) Reimagining ways for students to learn together online Scaling all the infrastructure needed to handle millions of users We believe mobile apps play an important role in the future of education, and we want you to deliver this vision.


Python, JavaScript (jQuery, Backbone), Google App Engine, Hadoop/Hive, Swift, Java, and anything else that best solves the problem at hand We're not religious about using a specific technology. We're religious about providing an incredible experience for Khan Academy learners YOU DON'T NEED

Lisp expertise. Actually, we don't require experience in any particular technology, but you should have an impressive collection of cool projects. We’re confident that you’ll be able to learn whatever languages and frameworks we throw at you (or, more likely, you throw at us).


  • A passion for software and engaging learning experiences, as well as desire to change the world
  • An ability to chew through difficult software problems. You probably noticed this ability not long after you first sat down in front of a computer. You leave a trail of successful software projects in your wake
  • Great intuition for how users like to learn. You have the motivation and courage to tackle any new subject you put your mind to, and not let go until you've mastered it
  • 12-24 weeks of availability


We may be a non-profit, but we reward our talented team well!

  • Competitive salaries, housing stipends, and all travel covered
  • Delicious catered lunch daily plus tons of snacks and beverages
  • The opportunity to work on high-impact software that's already defining the future of education
  • Great location: walking distance to Caltrain and downtown Mountain View
  • Awesome team events and weekly board game nights
  • The ability to improve real lives
  • A fun, high-caliber team that trusts you and gives you the freedom to be brilliant
  • 27 inch Mac monitors

Application instructions:

Along with your resume, please include:

1) Links to any projects (we really like these). We especially like living, breathing projects; please do not send your code

2) A cover letter that includes why you want to join Khan Academy

And if you're feeling especially creative: Optionally include a link to a visualization that you've built on our programming platform (