Mobile Developer



Espoo, Finland

Annual salary:

Salary not disclosed

Post age:

1152 days

Job description:

Beddit sleep trackers are seeking outstanding developers with iOS or Android skills to help us unravel the ancient mysteries of sleep. In so doing, we’ll make the world a safer, healthier, happier place. Along with light saber-sharp skills, we want developers who, upon facing a challenge demanding innovation and tenacity, will invoke the wisdom of Yoda: “There is no try: only do.”

We’re small, but size matters not when your team is composed of elite talent who like to dream big. We’re an industry leader because we encourage thinking outside the box to pioneer sleep tracking solutions beyond the gumption of others.

Sleep is profoundly important to us, and we encourage flexible work hours to promote better sleep and higher productivity. You are the central nervous system of our company and, therefore, of the emerging sleep tracking industry. We want you rested and ready to rock.

Our force sensor tech is awesome, and its potential is largely untapped. Help us tap it. Right now we’re really good at accumulating great data. We’re looking for ways to make that data speak.

In addition to competitive pay (and a sleep-with-everyone product that lends itself to plenty of comedic slogans not fit for public consumption), we offer a young, fun, supportive, fast-paced work environment that feels more like a team than an office. Our company DNA is composed of an impressive array of backgrounds. To foster team spirit and a commitment to excellence, we’re looking for great developers who are also great people.

We expect you to have several years of experience in professional software development. You understand the importance of code quality and testing. We appreciate people who love working in a closely-knit team, take pride in high-quality output and just get stuff done!

Application instructions:

We are always in the search for great talents. If you feel you’ve got what it takes to be a Beddit, let us know and send us an open application.